All for One and One for All!

Arizona Youth Partnership and Interfaith Community Services have come together to host the 4th annual, Eat. Drink. Give! event as a TRUE collaboration. We are two separate organizations serving our community in different capacities and invite you to join us as we focus on a single mission to Stomp Out Cycles of Poverty in Our Community!


In our own state of Arizona, 1 in 4 children live in poverty, according to the National Kids Count Data Center. Arizona also ranks 47th in the nation for economic well-being. Throughout the rural communities around the county, children are growing up lacking basic needs and families are struggling to make ends meet. Arizona Youth Partnership (AZYP) is a non-profit that serves low income communities throughout rural Arizona and in addition to serving children, we support the child’s family and the community as a whole.

AZYP seeks to employ a root-cause approach to fighting poverty and builds healthy, self-sufficient youth and families through evidence-based prevention programs and community involvement. AZYP’s mission is to build solid foundations for youth and families by partnering with Arizona communities to prevent and solve local issues such as substance abuse, youth homelessness, lack of educational opportunities, teen pregnancy, and challenging family dynamics. AZYP’s programs utilize a three-pronged approach to accomplish our mission and all of our programs fit into one of the following strategies: Cultivating healthy foundations for youth, Promoting Strong Families, and Mobilizing Communities through coalitions. AZYP is based in Marana and we serve the greater Tucson area such as Catalina, Ajo, and Sahuarita.

We are honored to work alongside Interfaith Community Services and GAP Ministries for the event of Eat, Drink and Be Giving. We hope you will get involved and join us on September 29 for a great event to Stomp out Cycles of Poverty in Our Community!

Warm Regards,


Lori Malangone
Executive Director


Every life story has many twists and turns along the journey. Each day at Interfaith Community Services (ICS), we see so many stories unfold. The family once thriving that has fallen on hard times and is now facing eviction. The lonely, isolated senior dealing with the challenges of aging now that they have outlived their spouse and their children live far away. The family trying to find help and answers for a loved one with a physical or mental health challenge.

And every day at ICS, we have the awesome opportunity to share help and hope as we try to positively change those stories and address these issues head-on. ICS works to prevent homelessness, respond to hunger, and reduce unemployment and isolation. Last year, we provided assistance to 39,647 children and adults in our community to equip them to turn a new page toward opportunity, hope and independence. With the support of over 100 faith community partners, 750 volunteers, donors and community partners, ICS helps write stories of change throughout Pima County.

Every day at ICS, we see how a small amount of help can change the story of people’s lives – and Eat, Drink, and Be Giving is one opportunity to help make that difference happen. We are excited to join with Arizona Youth Partnership and GAP Ministries in this truly collaborative event that highlights how we are already working together in our community. Together we are changing stories and lives for the better as we Stomp out Cycles of Poverty!

Serving with you,


Daniel Stoltzfus
Chief Executive Officer